Picking berries and mushrooms
Picking berries and mushrooms

Picking berries and mushrooms

The territory of the Yangan-Tau geopark is rich in various natural gifts. But a special place here is occupied by such forest products as berries and mushrooms.

Depending on the season and places of growth in our forests are found:

 ✓ Strawberry
 ✓ Cowberry
 ✓ BlackBerry
 ✓ Rosehip

And for lovers of quiet hunting, we have various types of mushrooms that are conventionally divided into 4 categories:

 I. Porcini, ryzhik real, grudge real;
 Ii. Brown berry, boletus, dubovik, butter duster, wave pink, whitegrass, spring aspen, champignons;
 III. Mokhovik is green, walui, russula, black wedge, autumn tree, chanterelle, morel;
 Iv. Mokhovik variegated, creak, meadow meadow, oyster mushroom, umbrella mushroom, mokruha, ryadovki, raincoats.

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