About the Geopark

About the Geopark

The "Yangan-Tau" geopark is located in the territory of the Salavat district of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Russian Federation) (54 ° 56 "- 55 ° 31" N 57 ° 28 "-58 ° 38" E). The area is 1,744 km 2.

The territory of the Yangan-Tau Geopark has always been distinguished by its high geological and biological diversity and rich cultural traditions. It is not by chance that here, in 1937, was establishedone of the best resorts of Russia and the CIS - Resort "Yangan-Tau". Widely known is the mineral water of Kurgazak, which is born in the homonymous source (one of the geosites), which has the status of a natural monument since 1965. The rivers Ai and Yuryuzan have been very popular with lovers of alloys from Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Perm for many years.

The presence of geological objects of international importance (Mechetlino, Bolshaya Luka, the geothermal phenomenon of Mount Yangantau), high biological diversity (on the territory of the geopark there is the key ornithological territory of Russia BS-022 "Ufa Plateau"), historical significance (geopark - the birthplace of the Bashkir national hero Salavat Yulaev ), folklore and a great desire of local residents led to the formation on April 20, 2017 of the Yangan-Tau Geopark.

The idea of the geopark was supported by the top leadership of the republic and on October 18, 2017, the decree of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan No. 1009-r issued, giving the regional significance.

At present, the Yangan-Tau geopark is the first and only candidate to join the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network from Russia.