Behavior rules
Behavior rules

Behavior rules

A geopark is not an object of legal protection like a “specially protected natural area” (PA), but must ensure compliance with laws guaranteeing the preservation of its natural values.

While staying on the territory of a geopark, for the purpose of your safety, comfortable rest, preservation of natural and cultural heritage, it is recommended to follow the basic rules of behavior, given below.

While on the territory of the geopark:

  • leave trash in trash bins or take it with you;  
  • it is impossible to chop or break trees and bushes, to disturb the soil cover;  
  • on ecotrails stick routes, do not trample down plants;  
  • do not take on geotropy pets;  
  • do not feed wild animals;  
  • keep silence - do not use loud audio equipment;  
  • do not leave inscriptions on trees, stands, rocks;  
  • do not throw burning cigarette butts and matches, do not leave fires extinguished or smoldering  
  • catch fish only on hook gear, animal hunting is prohibited;  
  • do not use detergents in natural waters; after washing and washing dishes pour water onto the ground so that it does not pollute the reservoir;  
  • do not park or wash vehicles in the coastal strip of all water bodies  
  • travel along rivers and lakes only on non-motorized boats (kayaks, inflatable boats, rafts, etc.);  
  • Do not excavate without agreement with the Directorate Geopark.