Saw a crane in the geopark - inform

10 September

Saw a crane in the geopark - inform

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, World Crane Day is celebrated (in 2019, this environmental holiday fell on September 8).

Crane Gruidae - a family of birds of the order Crane Gruiformes. This is an ancient family: the ancestors of cranes appeared at the end of the dinosaur era, during the Eocene (40-60 million years ago). North America is considered the historical homeland of cranes, from where cranes first moved to Asia, and from there to Africa and Australia. Even in ancient times, people were familiar with these birds, about which there are archaeological evidence in the form of cave paintings in Africa, Australia and Europe.

The family includes 15 species, of which 7 are nesting in Russia. In the Republic of Bashkortostan, 3 species of cranes are found - the Siberian Crane Grus leucogeranus, the common crane Anthropoides virgo and the gray crane Grus grus.
1.09.19 Сал. р-н, окр-ти д.Язги-Юрт фото Полежанкиной П. 2.JPG

The Yangan-Tau Geopark is home to the gray crane, one of the most beloved birds in Russia. He is the hero of fairy tales, songs and poems, often mentioned in proverbs and sayings. Crane in the sky is a symbol of a beautiful and not always possible dream. But less and less we see these beautiful birds.

Gray cranes, very cautious and secretive in the summer nesting period, in the fall, before departure, gather in flocks and keep in certain areas called places of autumn clusters. At this time, cranes can be seen feeding in the fields, flying or whirling high in the sky. In many regions of Russia, ornithologists and bird lovers in the fall carry out counts of the number of cranes.
The area of ​​the Salavat region is large and it is not realistic to cover it with one-time studies only by the biopark biologist, therefore we ask all the residents and guests of the district: if you meet places of pre-autumn gathering of cranes, please inform Yangan-Tau biologist Polina Polezhankina near which settlement, when and how many cranes did you see (additional information can be specified in the questionnaire). If you attach a photo or video - it will be even better. Contacts for sending messages:,,

All information will have important scientific and environmental significance, as it will allow a more accurate assessment of the number of cranes for a vast territory and identify the most vulnerable areas for their protection.

All participants of the "census" of the census will receive electronic Diplomas of the participants of the action, who sent the most valuable data - prizes from the geopark.

We will be very grateful if you not only take part in the collection of material, but also offer to do so to your friends, acquaintances, relatives, school teachers. Let the circle of defenders of cranes expand!

Crane Registration Form

1.09.19 Сал. р-н, окр-ти д.Язги-Юрт фото Полежанкиной П. 3.JPG