Lecture for UNESCO Schools
Lecture for UNESCO Schools

26 November

Lecture for UNESCO Schools

On November 19, under the partnership of the Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for UNESCO and the UNESCO Global Geopark "Yangan-Tau" educational lectures on the Yangan-Tau Geopark were held.

The lecture for the pupils of UNESCO Associated Schools was delivered by Polina Polezhankina, Biologist, Expert in Eco-Education of UNESCO "Yangan-Tau" Geopark, candidate of biological sciences. She told about what a geopark is, about natural and cultural attractions of the geopark, the geological section "Mechetlino", caves, rafting on the Yuryuzan and Ai rivers.

"UNESCO activities in the Republic of Bashkortostan include ecological education and popularization of our natural and cultural heritage. It is gratifying that the lectures arouse such interest among the younger generation," said Elina Gataullina, Executive Director of the Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for UNESCO.

In total, the lectures were attended by about 1,400 students in grades 5-11 of educational institutions of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

"With great pleasure we watched and listened to a lecture about the UNESCO Geopark "Yangan-Tau". For us, teachers and students, today it is a full-fledged excursion, accompanied by a very interesting story, comments, photos. Thank you for organizing such an informative event! Yangan-Tau" UNESCO Geopark - prosperity and development!", said Rita Khismatullina, Director of the school in the village Pribelskiy, Karmaskalinsky district - UNESCO Associated School.

Salavatsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan UNESCO Geopark "Yangan-Tau" includes more than 20 geological objects, three of which (Mechetlino section, Bolshaya Luka section, Yangantau Mountain) are of international importance, 10 - national and 21 objects - regional. The territory is home to many red-listed plants and rare animal species.

In 2020 "Yangan-Tau" Geopark was the first in Russia and the CIS to get the high international status of the UNESCO Global Geopark.

Thanks to the international status of UNESCO geoparks get a unique opportunity of non-industrial development and recognition all over the world. First of all, the local population, farmers producing ecologically clean products, entrepreneurs of various directions, providing recreational, educational, and tourist services benefit from this.