Why are birds ringed?
Why are birds ringed?

4 September

Why are birds ringed?

Ringing birds is one of the methods of tagging animals, which is widely used to study the biology of wild birds. When a bird is caught, a light (usually aluminum) ring with the number and conditional address is put on the foot; register the time and place of ringing and report to the centers of ringing. Information about birds with rings that fell into the hands of a hunter, scientist, young people, etc., is sent to the center of ringing, which finds out when and where the bird was ringed. Birds are ringed at the nesting site, on the way of flight, during molting or wintering.
 Conduct individual and mass ringing of birds. In case of individual ringing, the bird is ringed in order to make it visible upon direct observation in nature; for this, they put on a large ring with a number that can be read through binoculars, or colored plastic tags. This method is usually used to study the behavior of individuals and in a number of experiments. With the mass ringing of birds, the population (population) of birds of a certain area is studied. To do this, at a certain point annually hundreds and thousands of individuals ring.
 The analysis of the received messages about the encounters of ringed birds makes it possible to judge about the paths and timing of the birds' migrations, about their settlement, change in numbers, causes of death, and life expectancy. It is important to agree on the rules for the protection of migratory birds in different countries, in the interests of hunting, to study the ways in which birds carry parasites and pathogens. Among other things, such information makes it possible to predict changes in the number of species, in particular hunting species, due to changes in the ecological situation.
 The center of ringing in Russia has existed for more than 80 years. During this time, accumulated a large amount of material on ringed birds. The center exchanges information about ringed birds with ringing centers in more than 50 countries from all continents.
 When collecting information on ringed birds Center to
 Prisoning, above all, is counting on the help of our respected compatriots: birdwatchers; hunters; tourists; summer residents who have found a bird with a ring on their site; all lovers of nature.
 In the territory of the Yangan-Tau geopark, the ringing of small passerine birds with the standard aluminum rings of the Russian Center for Ringing Birds has begun.
 If you get a ring or a tag from a bird, you can become one of the compilers of the national database on ringing.
 To do this, you need to report the find to the Bird Ringing Center at:
 Center for ringing birds, 117312, Moscow
 or e-mail
  bird.ring.rus@gmail.com & nbsp;
 Your contribution to the collection of information will be particularly complete and interesting for research if you specify:
  • ring number (rewrite everything written on the ring: numbers and letters related to the number, as well as the name of the ringing center and country);
  • date (day, month, year);
  • place (region, district, nearest settlement);
  • the circumstances of the discovery of the ring (the bird was hunted, found dead, eaten by a cat, only a ring was found, etc.).  
     You can attach a ring or a label to the letter, or make a xero-, photo- or any other copy of the ring, on which the inscriptions and the number of the ring are well read, or you can precisely write down the inscriptions from the ring.
    If you indicate your address in the message, then after processing the information from the Ringing Center, you will be sent information about the type of bird, the place and date of its ringing.