UNESCO Global Geopark Yangan-Tau
UNESCO Global Geopark Yangan-Tau

8 July

UNESCO Global Geopark Yangan-Tau

Yesterday 7 July, at the 209th session of UNESCO's Executive Board, Yangan Tau Geopark was inscribed on the list of UNESCO Global Geoparks along with 15 other Geoparks from around the world. Thus, Yangan Tau became the first Geopark in Russia and the whole post-Soviet space to receive international recognition. This achievement was made possible thanks to the well-coordinated work of the Geopark team consisting of real professionals. R.F. Khabirov, Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan, was one of the first to congratulate on granting the high status. On his page in the social networks, Radiy Faritovich noted the huge contribution of the people who worked on the geopark:

This status makes our "Yangan-Tau" attractive for foreign tourists - the UNESCO label means that it provides high-quality services and guaranteed safety. When we established a regional Geopark in Salavat district, the flow of tourists here has doubled, now we expect many times more tourists. The Geopark has 35 geological sites, of which three (Mechetlino and Bolshaya Luka sections, Mount Yangantau) have international, 10 - national and 22 - educational significance. Red-listed plants grow on the territory of the Geopark, as well as rare species of animals. Patrick McKeever, the founder of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network, told me during his meeting that for the first time in 19 years of working in the network of global geoparks he sees people working with such dedication as ours.

The UNESCO and Global Geopark Functions also rushed to congratulate the new Global Geoparks on becoming part of the overall Geopark family. Guy Martini from the GGN (Global Geoparks Network) office has posted warm congratulations and further announced on his Facebook page:

Yesterday UNESCO approved the proposal of the UNESCO Global Geopark Council to integrate 16 new UNESCO Geoparks! Eligibility will take place on 10 July. Warm congratulations to all of them! Around mid-July (date to be determined) the GGN will organize a "Digital Geopark Event" live to welcome them all and celebrate the dynamism and sustainability of UNESCO Geoparks around the world!

Patrick McKeever, Special Advisor to the Global Geoparks Network, former Head of UNESCO's Division of Earth Sciences, also welcomed new members to the Global Network:

Today, the Programme Commission of UNESCO's Executive Board welcomed the new members by consensus, no debate, no problem! The final approval will take place at the final plenary meeting on Friday 10 July.

Geopark Yangan-Tau, in its turn, thanks everyone for their support and congratulates all residents of Bashkortostan and Russia with this important event!