Social Tourism in Geopark
Social Tourism in Geopark

24 September

Social Tourism in Geopark

The State Tourism Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan initiated a new project "Bashkir longevity". The essence of the project is to subsidize one-day tourist trips for older people. Several routes in the republic have been developed and one of such routes is laid in "Yangan-Tau" geopark.
Yesterday the first tourist group of the project visited the spring "Kurgasak", visited the watermill, listened to the excursion in the visit-center, and then proceeded to the village of Mechetlino, where they were also waiting for our geoguides. On the geological section of Mechetlino tourists got acquainted with the geological past of the Earth, and in the ethno-corner of the mosque our dear Gabid-Bauay shared his secrets of longevity.

Tours to "Yangan-Tau" Geopark will be interesting and useful for guests of any age, because here you can drink real healing water "Kurgasak", breathe fresh air, treat yourself to high quality products and, of course, plunge into the wonderful world of the geopark and be charged with the positive effects of our geogides.
Come and visit us, our geoguide Raushaniya Muftakhova is always glad to tourists.