School Environmental Olympiad
School Environmental Olympiad

16 March

School Environmental Olympiad

On March 15, 2022, the municipal stage of the XXIX Republican Rally of Young Ecologists and Arborists took place in Maloyaz. It was attended by 52 pupils from 12 schools of Salavatsky district (Maloaz, Mursalimkino, Alkino, Tatar Maloaz, Yangantau, Akhunovo, Mechetlino, Arkaulovo, Lagerevo, Turnaly, Elanysh).

The meeting was organized by the Educational Department of the Salavat District. The jury consisted of: P.G. Polezhankina, D. in Biology, biologist of geopark "Yangan-Tau"; Bajchurina L.Yu. - Head of RMI of teachers of chemistry and biology, teacher of MOU SOH with Yangantau village; Babajanova N.H. - teacher of chemistry and biology of MOU SOH with Arkaulovo village; Bayramova G. D. - teacher of chemistry and biology of MOU SBU MSE in Mursalimkino village; Alkina T.G. - teacher of biology of MBOU BG in Maloyaz village; Baimukhametova A.F. - teacher of biology of MOU KSH №1 in Maloyaz village; Sahautdinova L.A. - branch of MOU KSH in Mechetlino village - secondary school in Akhunovo; Kurbanova V.V. - R. Sitdikov - teacher of chemistry and biology SBU SOS named after Lieutenant General of Police A.F. Akhmetkhanov village Turnaly; Z.R. Sitdikov - teacher of biology SBU SOS named after Lagerevo village.

The teams prepared their short business cards, and then answered the tasks at various stages (botany, zoology, hydrobiology and soil science, as well as the "Forest Robinsons"). After summarizing the results the first place was awarded to the team from MBOU BG village Maloyaz, the second place was taken by pupils of MBOU ESL village Elanysh, the third place was taken by the team of MBOU ESL village Mursalimkino, the fourth place - MBOU ESL village Turnaly, the fifth - MBOU ESL village Lagerevo. The children who performed well in the sections will also receive individual certificates.