Mother Earth Day 2021
Mother Earth Day 2021

22 April

Mother Earth Day 2021

Every year on April 22, people around the planet celebrate Earth Day. This holiday has become a universal symbolic holiday of love and care for our common home and is celebrated around the world to show support for protecting the environment. The event was organized for the first time by the Earth Day Network. On this day, people all over the world who care about environmental issues hold events aimed at making the world a cleaner and more responsible place. April 22 Earth Day is established by the UN, and encourages everyone to take part in landscaping and beautification of streets, all kinds of environmental actions, festivals and events. Currently, the holiday is celebrated in more than 193 countries around the world.

Geotourism in national and European geoparks (or geoparks under the auspices of UNESCO) is a new promising activity in the field of sustainable tourism. The importance of geoscience has grown, not only as a result of the intensive use of mineral resources but also because of the growing body of knowledge about the planet Earth. Today, geology is also increasingly needed to deal with environmental issues. This is the reason for UNESCO's initiative to protect and exploit geological heritage. Geoparks, areas with unique geological features, are at the heart of this initiative and provide information about the development and evolution of the Earth's crust.

Geoparks contribute significantly to the care of nature by promoting the conservation of unique geological objects and the sustainable development of the area. An important aim of Geoparks is to actively involve local people in the sustainable use, conservation and development of the landscape.

Within the framework of the Day of the Earth in the global geopark "Yangan-Tau" a subbotnik was held. The area adjacent to one of the most visited places of the territory - the visitor's center of the geopark and the hanging bridge, as well as the floodplain of the Yuryuzan river near the village of Komsomol - was cleaned of garbage.