Horse-luge competitions
Horse-luge competitions

23 March

Horse-luge competitions

Horse-luge competitions were held spectacularly and vividly for the 4th time in the Salavatsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

This year, the competition was held in a new location-the area of the former village of Kalinovka. A lot of spectators gathered. This year, 13 horses harnessed to a sled took part in the competition. Friendly spectators supported the athletes with shouts, applause and whistles.

конно-саночные 1 2021.jpg

кнно-саночные 4 2021.jpg

конно-саночные 4 2021.jpg
Конно-саночные 3 2021.jpg
Конно-саночные 2021.jpg
конно-саночные 2 2021.jpg