Future Projects
Future Projects

3 August

Future Projects

We are very glad that you are not indifferent to the fate of your Homeland, your Earth.

On October 4, 2018, projects of promising local and regional specially protected natural areas of the Salavat district, as well as the position and functional zoning of the Yangan-Tau geopark, were presented in the building of the Administration of the Salavatsky district. These documents are not final, our working group has tried to include the maximum possible number of objects with which the land of the Salavat region is rich. And the nature of the Salavat region is truly beautiful and we would very much like to keep it as it is.

At the same time, we believe that it is up to you, the residents of the Salavat district, to decide the fate of your land. We are waiting for your suggestions, criticism and additions. If you see it possible to preserve natural corners without assigning security status, or do not consider it necessary to save the objects we have selected, we will make the appropriate adjustments.

I would like to clarify once again questions on the project of a functional zoning geopark. The project has 9 zones, in 6 of which the protection mode is of an advisory nature. In particular, in the recreational area, hunting regulation is required, the latter is associated exclusively with the safety of tourists who come to relax in your beautiful area. We cannot prohibit hunting, because we do not have legal grounds for this. It is assumed that the corresponding information signs will be installed at the tourist camp sites, and information on the locations of the tourist camps will be transmitted to the hunting farms. According to such principles, work is planned in other zones.

The restrictive regime has been proposed only in three zones: the Yangan-Tau resort’s mountain and sanitary protection zone (it has been operating for many years), the cultural heritage protection zone - around archeology objects (it should also be observed under the law on the protection of cultural heritage, but control there is no compliance with the requirements) and the zone of protection of objects of the geological and natural heritage - at present this zone is an existing specially protected natural area and will gradually expand as new protected areas are created, if you residents of the area want it.

Once again we want to remind you what a geopark is. Geopark is not a specially protected area, not a nature reserve! Geoparks are created by people and for people. Geoparks have a principle: developing - save! Yes, key facilities should be protected, but if the residents and workers of the geopark find a way to do this without assigning security status - this is also a way out. We very much look forward to your comments and wishes and look forward to friendly and fruitful cooperation.

All materials for discussion are posted on the websites of the district administration and the sanatorium "Yangan-Tau".