Best branded events festival in Geopark

10 December

Best branded events festival in Geopark

Throughout 2019, the Salavat district hosted a contest for the best branded event in the area. During the year, the villages presented various event tourism activities to the audience and jury. This was the first time that such a festival had been held, but despite this, many rural settlements demonstrated a high level of organization. Within the limits of a festival participants were offered to open this or that holiday, a custom or tradition. Involvement of guests in the event was encouraged, and the ability to brand and visually decorate the event was encouraged.
Following the results of the festival, a jury consisting of Zilya Sadykova, director of the Salavat Yulaev Museum, Svetlana Valieva, head of the Salavat District Cultural and Historical Heritage Preservation Department, and Ayrat Galiyev, a specialist in the preservation of cultural and historical heritage of Yangan-Tau Geopark, determined the winners of the competition and awarded prizes for the victory in certain categories.

The best branded event was "Samaor Bayramy" (Samovar Holiday), Rural settlement of Mursalimkinskiy village council.
A special prize from the geopark was awarded to the holiday in the village of Kalmaklarovo (Salavat Village Council), for the involvement of guests in the celebration. And on behalf of Salavat Yulaev museum Arkaulovsky village council was awarded an award for the popularization of natural objects during the events.

Yangan-Tau Geopark hopes to continue close cooperation with the Department of Culture of the district and work together to improve the tourist attractiveness. 
Holiday in Kalmaklarovo