Taiga is a kind of biome that plays a crucial role: it serves an extraordinary function, which is absolutely vital for all the plants, animals and humans. It is lungs of the planet. Our dark coniferous taiga consists of pines, spruces and larches that rise high in the sky.

Flora of Taiga

Little light reaches the grounds of such forests, and therefore there are few tall plants at the foot of coniferous trees. In addition to fragrant fir and spruce, there are
  • Pines;
  • Birches;
  • Beech;
  • Juniper bushes.

As for grasses and shrubs, the following kinds managed to survive in the area:
  • Green mosses;
  • Currant bushes;
  • Blueberries;
  • Cranberries;
  • Honeysuckle;
  • Juniper.

There are few grasses like wintergreen or shale, which are the only species of small plants in this area.
Since the taiga is always moderately humid, there are a lot of swamps there. Some of them represent conserved monuments of nature, with an amazing variety of life forms, and rare endangered plant species, and beautiful gray cranes residing along the riverbanks. Our taiga possesses the wealth that cannot be seen anywhere else in Bashkortostan.

Fauna of Taiga

Some local nature reserve areas may be dangerous for people visiting, since the taiga is home for predatory animals like:
  • Wolves;
  • Foxes;
  • Brown bears;
  • Lynxes.

Many areas of the taiga are populated with wolverines, sables, ermines, elks, deer, roe deer. Other smaller and less dangerous animals include shrews and hares. There are also many rodents in the forest, represented by at least five species:
  • Beavers;
  • Mice;
  • Chipmunks;
  • Voles;
  • Flying squirrels.

The taiga in Yangantau is a major attraction of birdwatchers. The following species of birds are nesting there:
  • Wood grouses;
  • Grouses;
  • Crossbills;
  • Nutcrackers;
  • Woodpeckers (several species);
  • Owls;
  • Siberian thrushes;
  • Green warblers;
  • White-throated sparrows.

The birds normally migrate to warmer regions in the south in order to escape harsh cold winters.
The territory of Yangantau Geopark combines several types of landscapes, and therefore not only taiga animals can be found there but also forest and meadow animals like: hedgehogs, many types of mice, canters, martens, minks, ferrets and lemmings. Altai moles and various types of shrew live in the soil of local areas.
Behind the majestic tranquility of the Bashkir taiga, presented an intensive, rich life with diversity of its forms and inhabitants. Let the visit to Yangantau unlock these multiple worlds that exist within you.