Yuryuzan River
Yuryuzan River

Yuryuzan River

One glance does not capture all the grandeur of nature in the Geopark of Yangantau. To see the main sights let Yuryuzan carry you along its shores. The river flows down from the top of Uglovoy Mashak Mountain, laying the course between Kumardak and Mashak, Zigalga and Bakty ridges. Benevolent force of nature created a peaceful flow, making the rafting route simple and enjoyable there. Fascinating rocks, picturesque plains and hills, caves with traces of long gone ages and inhabitants can be viewed on the route along the river.

Things to see on rafting tour

  • Ridge Bakty. Breathtaking view of monumental sharp peaks, covered with coniferous forests, forming rocky precipices.
  • Protected landscape from the Smirnovsky Bridge to the River NasiThe places are known not only for their impressive beauty, but also for the traces of Salavat Yulaev’s path. Archaeological monuments, historic sites, more than twenty caves and many other amazing places are concentrated on this part of the route.

  • Monahov Ridge. Located on the right bank of the river, near the village of Verhnyaya Luka. It is known for its lime layers of the Proterozoic period (more than 500 million years ago) and protected rare species of flora and fauna inhabiting the area.

  • Provalny  Spring. Provalny spring is underground karst mountain spring found on the right bank of Yuryuzan further down the Smirnovsky Bridge. The place surprises with untouched virgin nature and tranquility.

  • Cave of Salavat. The cave is believed to be one of the shelters of the main Bashkir hero, located in the depths of the Salavat ridge. The cave, that is cold at any time of the year, is situated near Kargashansky brook close to the village of Verhnyaya Luka.

  • Idrisovskaya Cave. The terrace with miraculous columns not made by human hands that offers stunning views of the river.

  • Rock Mogilnaya. The rock is rising over the left riverbank in western part of Ust-Katavskaya. This cliff represents the history of the Earth in the cross section. The rock preserves every layer of soil, lime, silt and other layers that were formed hundreds of centuries ago.

  • Kochkarsky Ridge. Another rock decorated with karst formations at the height of its aesthetic perfection with the cave, where the bones of prehistoric animals are buried.

  • Stantsionnaya Cave. The cave is characterized by many tunnels, vertical and horizontal cavities. A number of rare spices of animals and plants inhabit the area around the cave. 

Yuryuzan is home for fish and animals

Many sites along the river are completely uninhabited and virgin. Therefore, you should be careful in the forests: where live animals like lynxes, bears, elks and foxes. The same like hundreds of years ago, the waters of the river are home to chub and grayling, as well as asp, pike, perch, bream, and many other fish.

Yuruzan is an essential part of Yangantau Geopark, which unique nature produces a revitalizing and generally invigorating effect. 

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