There are several swamps that have conserved amazing, almost disappearing, fragile worlds surrounding them on the territory of Yangantau Geopark. Gray cranes inhabit those territories, rare plants and berry bushes, listed in the Red Books of Bashkortostan and Russia, grow and fruit there. Various types of endangered plants are preserved and protected in the Geopark. The unique swamps of Yangantau give the nature a chance to revive and flourish.

Arkaulovskoe swamp

Arkaulovskoe lowland swamp, rich of rare flora and fauna, is nourished by mineralized groundwater and surface streams. The swamp offers you a distinctive view over small glass calm lakes in the amazing green algae.

Today it is an official monument of nature, which is preserved in its original primordial form. Rare herbs and berries vital for the soil like: blueberries, cranberries, wild rosemary, valerian, dropsy androgynous and much more are still growing in the swamp. Scientists have been working hard to protect the sedge family, to conserve the diversity of life forms and to restore the endangered sword-grass population.

Lagerevo swamp

Lagerevo swamp is another natural monument that needs to be preserved exactly the way it is now. Ecosystem of Lagerevo is rich of blueberries, wild rosemary, sedge-hypnum grasses and cloudberry that found hidden in small pine forests. Graceful gray cranes reside along the riverbanks. Conserving biodiversity is a priority task for local scientists, who ensure the revival of the ecosystem. It is planned to have a zakaznik, in other words, a nature reserve on these lands, where scientists can thoroughly monitor and ensure the process of conservation of pine forests with cloudberries.

Rare grasses, miraculously preserved pine forest with cloudberry, wild rosemary and blueberries cannot be found in any other place in Bashkortostan. The diversity of Yangantau Geopark’s ecosystems offers unique natural phenomena for your observation.

Idelbaevskoe swamp

Idelbaevskoe swamp is an amazing and very biodiverse place, which is also known as a water conservation area. With time, another nature reserve is planned to be guarding the adjacent territories. The following historic sites can be visited there: ancient Idelbayevskaya settlement, tells and mounds.

Yangantau is a huge field for scientific research that will amaze the guests of the Geopark and the whole scientific world. Legends live on these lands, historical epochs and antiquities are hidden in waters and soil, rare animals and plants inhabit the territory of Geopark. At the junction of these worlds lives amazing universe called "Yangantau."