The plant is common in Central and Southern Europe, on the Black Sea coast, on the western coast of the Caspian Sea and in Asia Minor. The greatest species diversity of snowdrops in the Caucasus (16 species).

Practical Use

 Cultivated as decorative. Used for planting in large groups, on rabatkah, alpine slides. In floriculture are widely used two types. Snowdrops are unpretentious, easily propagated by seeds and bulbs. Transplanted in 5-6 years. In springtime, they need sufficient moisture. & Nbsp;

Snowdrops, sometimes mistakenly also called prolesku, anemone and a number of other herbs that bloom in early spring.

Botanical Description

Perennial bulbous plants with a short growing season. The growing season depends on the latitude and height above sea level of the place where they grow. A bulb with a diameter of 2-3 cm consists of scales of one or two previous years and kidney renewal. Three scales appear annually, one from the bottom leaf, and two from the base of the assimilating leaves. The scales are concentric, and one, formed from the base of the leaf, preceding the flower, is unclosed. Children are located in the axils of the scales of the maternal bulb.