Key Cave at Yuryuzan
Key Cave at Yuryuzan

Key Cave at Yuryuzan

There are many caves and grottoes along the banks of the Yuryuzan, but few of them were inhabited in primitive times. The key cave is one of them.
 I knew about the Key Cave, but showed no interest in it. But after reading the research paper S.N. In 1937-1939, Bibikov had a great desire to find her.
 Picked up the time and left Maloyaz. The path lay familiar - from the village Idrisovo need to drive 6 kilometers through the fields and forests, and in rainy and wet weather can only be on the SUV.
 Klyuchevaya Cave is located at the very beginning of the Limonovsky Ridge, at an altitude of 40-50 meters. The name Key Cave received from Klyuch Stream, which flows a hundred meters above. The entrance to the cave faces southeast and is camouflaged by the forest. It's difficult to get from below, you have to go down from the top of Limonovka.
 With this information, we drove up from above - along Limonovsky ridge. They left the car at the favorite place of the ropejampers. Were here many times, but still we stand at the cliff for several minutes and admire the magnificent view.

View of Yuryuzan, in the distance the old lady.
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Down goes a good path that leads to the "Silver Key" tourist center. I had to sweat in the literal and figurative sense: the expected trodden descent from the path towards the cave was not there. I had to climb on the slopes, a lot of prickly hips. A lone tourist who helped to reach the summit of the ridge in search of a connection helped with the direction.


View of the Limonovsky ridge.

As a result, the cave was found. At the entrance in 1938, Bibikov laid an excavation area of ​​10 m2. Embers from the fire and animal bones were found in the soil layer. It seems that the pit was not buried, because it is still present.


The entrance to the cave Key.

The cave is very similar to Buranovskaya. Same entry and direction.


The entrance to the cave Key.

The cave is 18 meters long and 6 meters wide. The floor is dry, clay mixed with stones. Mostly clay is wet due to smudges from the ceiling. Crawled into the depths to the end of the cave, take care of your head!


View of Keyoy cave, photo towards the entrance.


View of the cave Key from the inside.

The ceiling of the cave is uneven from 1 to 3 m.


Ceiling cave Key.

The bones of animals found by Bibikov indicate the presence of a Paleolithic site in the cave. Bones of found animals and birds: woolly rhinoceros, horse, primeval bison, deer, elk, roe deer, cave bear, wolverine, ermine, marten, wolf, arctic fox, hare, gopher, pika, mole, squirrel, eagle, partridge, etc.

Also in the cave were found five flint and siliceous slate weapon.


Image from "Soviet Archeology".

After taking a dozen more photos, we went back home.


At the entrance to the cave.


At this place in the middle of the 20th century was the village Limonovka.

I can arrange a trip for you to Limonovka and the Key Cave, the Foal and the Idrisov Cave.



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