Bashkir village excursion
Bashkir village excursion

Bashkir village excursion

During the trip you can admire the nature of the Salavat region, in the Lagerevo village you'll visit the Museum with the remains of ancient animals. Also you can admire the scenery from the observation deck on the banks of the AI river .
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Also during this excursion you can visit the ethnodom in the Urmanchino village, where you can get acquainted with the life of the Bashkirs, with their customs and culture.

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There you can hear Bashkir musical instruments: kurai and kubyz and Bashkir songs.

 This service includes transport rental and guide assistance.

Type: autoexcursion

Departure time: 09:30AM

Departure: from the Yangan-Tau sanatorium

Duration: 3 hours

adult - 370 rubles.
children - 270 rubles.
!!! A ticket to the museum of Lagerevo is charged separately: 50 rubles.

Welcome to the Yangan-Tau geopark!

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all the year round

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