Habitat and distribution

Widely distributed in temperate and subtropical zones of the Old World. Birds from the cold regions of Europe and migrate to the south or southeast to Asia to winter, and some fly to the north of Africa. He lives in various forest areas, but does not fly deep into the forest, often near open spaces.


 Their prey are birds of small and medium size.


The small hawk is a resident bird and starts nesting quite late, namely in May. The nest is friable, rather deep, built of randomly laid out branches of needles, and sometimes dry grass. The diameter of the socket is 380–400 mm and the height is about the same. Fresh twigs are not present in the building, this makes the nest different from that built by the goshawk (Accipiter gentilis). The nest of the little hawk can be found from the remains of eaten prey - small birds. The female lays in the nest 4-6 dull white eggs with ocher or dark brown spots of various sizes. The size of the eggs is 37-43 x 30-33 mm. Incubation of eggs lasts about 32 days. Chicks are born in late June - early July. In the first half of August, the chicks are already able to fly.