Garden warbler

Garden warbler

Garden warbler with a length of about 11 to 17 cm, length of wings from 5.8 to 6.5 cm. Weight is approximately from 9 to 15 g. Garden warbler visually hardly differs from reed or marsh warblers. The upper part of the body is gray-brown, the lower part is olive-beige. Male and female have the same color. Singing is the most accurate hallmark. Often at night the bird imitates the voices of other birds, while it is noticeably slower than the marsh warbler.


 The area of ​​distribution extends from the south of Finland and the Baltic to the east. The bird can be found in the north-east of Poland, as well as throughout the territory of Belarus. The southern border of distribution extends from the extreme north of Ukraine through Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Tajikistan to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Wintering regions are located in India.


Garden warbler feeds on insects.


 Garden reed eggs in the nest
Garden warblers nest in the thickets of shrubs, as well as in the glades of deciduous forests or in the bushes along the river bank. Avoids reed thickets with running water. Nest builds in dense thickets of grassy perennials. The nesting period lasts from the end of May to August. The nest has a cup shape. In laying 4-6 eggs. Chicks feed both parents for 11-13 days.