Sabantuy on the shore of Yuryuzan

Sabantuy on the shore of Yuryuzan

1 August

A good tradition for the sanatorium was to hold, in the summer, a holiday Sabantuy. The “Plow festival”, symbolizing the end of sowing, gained a slightly different meaning at the health resort - here it is, first of all, a celebration of sports, creativity and good mood! And so that the maximum number of guests could plunge into the atmosphere of the national holiday of the Bashkir people, Sabantuy is held every two weeks. The sabantuy opens a theatrical performance where, in the masterly performance of the creative team of the sanatorium, the national hero Salavat Yulaev and the beautiful Amina, or the brave Yangan and the brave Yangasha, stand in front of the spectators ... Anyone can try their hand at contests and games that are held under the strict guidance of instructors - this includes running in bags, tug-of-war, running with an egg, and much more. Here, for the convenience of holidaymakers, trade is launched, you can not only have a snack, but also get yourself a memorable souvenir about the rest in the Yangan-Tau sanatorium. And in the real yurt itself there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the life and applied art of the Bashkirs.

Terms of attendance

The entrance is free


Begins at 10:00 ends at 17:00